Trump’s 2020 campaign caught photoshopping MAGA hats onto people of color

Rykard Jenkins got a rude surprise recently when he found out that the 2020 Trump for president campaign decided to steal a photo of him and use Photoshop to turn him into an advertisement. Woke up this morning to know I’m the new face for the 2020 @realDonaldTrump campaign 🇺🇸 ? Advertisements

‘Electability’ Is Just Another Word for White Supremacy

Black people know things. Despite the systematic erasure of our history, the centuries-long intentional miseducation and the collective brainwashing that this country has inflicted on us, there are certain things that black people just know. Whether it is instinctive or passed down through generations, our continued existence depends on an inherited education that cannot be…

Ben Carson’s Latest Hire At HUD Is A Former Blogger Who Used The N-Word

Eric Blankenstein is known for his racist blog posts. Ben Carson‘s surrounds himself with racists. As the only African-American in Trump’s cabinet racists appear to be who he is most comfortable with and his latest hire at Housing and Urban Development proves just that. Eric Blankenstein is Carson’s latest hire who just resigned from a…

Donald Trump: My Fans Were Right To Beat Up Black Protester

Fans try to get an autograph after Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump spoke during a campaign stop Saturday, Nov. 21, 2015 in Birmingham, Ala. After his supporters beat up a Black Lives Matter protester on video, Donald Trump suggested that they may have done the right thing.