Marshawn Lynch is buying up real estate in Oakland to combat gentrification

  Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports Beast Mode is the best. And I mean that every every possible way. He appeared on Real Time with Bill Maher recently where he was asked about Donald Trump attacking his character as “unpatriotic” for not standing for the National Anthem. Beastmode responded as only Beastmode can.

Google Fights for Black Men to be in Tech and Out of Prison

In fact, Google gave a $1 million grant to the Hidden Genius Project in Oakland. For those of you who don’t know, the Hidden Genius Project is an organization dedicated to increasing the representation of black male youths in technology.

‘We’re being pushed out’: the displacement of black Oakland

After police were called on a barbecue, black Oaklanders share stories of racism and evictions. Theo Williams at Oakland’s Lake Merritt. In 2015, a white man called police on his drum circle. Photograph: Talia Herman for the Guardian Kenzie Smith can’t get the voice out of his head. The woman could’ve ended his life with…