White nationalist attacks should be prosecuted as terrorism, lawmakers say

WASHINGTON — “The only good Muslim is a dead one.” Rep Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich., teared up as she read the chilling words from hate mail she had recently received. It was a poignant, disturbing moment from a House Oversight hearing on white nationalism. Tlaib wiped the tears away as she read the vitriolic words, leading…

In Jerusalem, Afro-Palestinians Are the Hardest Hit in the Israeli Occup

Zohra al-Qadi, member of African community in Jerusalem, holding one of her grandchildren (BBC) The conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians continues to take its toll, and in Jerusalem, Palestinians of African descent are among those most severely impacted by the cycle of violence.

Muslim Members Of Congress Host A Historic Iftar In The Capitol

Three congressional lawmakers ― Ilhan Omar, André Carson and Rashida Tlaib ― hosted Monday night’s groundbreaking event. On Monday evening, three Muslim members of Congress ― Reps. André Carson (D-Ind.), Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) and Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) ― hosted a historic iftar in the U.S. Capitol to recognize the holy month of Ramadan and honor…

Body Of America’s First Female Muslim Judge Was Found Floating In A River

The body of the associate judge of the New York Court of Appeals, Sheila Abdus-Salaam, was found floating in the Hudson river a few hours after being reported missing yesterday. She was the nation’s first female Muslim judge and the first African-American to sit on the New York Court of Appeals. She was 65 years old.

KKK’s J.B. Stoner’s letter to Elijah Muhammad of the NOI

This is a letter taken from Elijah Muhammad’s book Message to the Blackman in America. This letter was written by J.B. Stoner, racist Klan member of Georgia. We of the Moorish Science Temple of America will offer our own response to this letter as the information pertained therein, the views espoused by Mr. Stoner, are…