Google offers job to artist behind viral Juneteenth homepage sketch

Google is known for making colorful and creative homepage designs for holidays and historical milestones, but when they somehow forgot to commemorate Juneteenth this year, artist Davian Chester not only stepped up but also snagged himself a job offer in the process.

Google Fights for Black Men to be in Tech and Out of Prison

In fact, Google gave a $1 million grant to the Hidden Genius Project in Oakland. For those of you who don’t know, the Hidden Genius Project is an organization dedicated to increasing the representation of black male youths in technology.

Why Tech giants like Google and Microsoft are investing in Africa

Many of the top tech companies now have a presence in Africa (CNN)What if you could tell what was wrong with your plant by simply hovering your smartphone over it? Well, farmers in Africa now can. Thanks to one of Google’s many products, TensorFlow, rural farmers on the continent can diagnose diseased plants by taking…