Diddy backed akaline water company to invest in booming CBD industry

Sean Combs will evolve the brand by targeting active lifestyle consumers and athletes (Photo by Brian Ach/Getty Images for Something in the Water) Akaline water has been a favorite among celebrities and lifestyle-focused influencers. Now the Akaline Water Company (who is renowned for Akaline88) will now work with AQUAhydrate, a company backed by Sean ‘P….

Great-grandmother gets cuffed by cops at Disney World for having CBD Oil

The 69-year-old woman who suffers chronic pain said the substance was recommended by her doctor, but because of a legal gray area, it is unclear to many if it can be carried freely   A North Carolina great-grandmother was arrested for possession of CBD oil. ( (Photo by Jack Taylor/Getty Images) A North Carolina great-grandmother…

Beyond The Smoke: Cannabis for health, not a high

Dr. Janet Talks Cannabis Dr. Janet Dr. Janet Taylor is a community psychiatrist based in Sarasota, Florida.  She is on the frontline battling the emotional and economic impact of mental illness. She is also a medical cannabis educator.