August 17, 2022

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Georgia nears 65,000 coronavirus cases, up 1,800 in 24 hours

The Georgia Department of Public Health reported more than 63,800 cumulative COVID-19 cases Saturday.

Here are some key takeaways:

Cases: 63,809 (+1,800 in 24 hours). McClatchy measures new cases by subtracting the total number of infections reported at 3 p.m. from the total number of infections reported the previous day at 3 p.m. This reflects when confirmed cases are reported to the state.

Deaths: 2,642 (+6 deaths in 24 hours). It’s important to note that these numbers indicate when deaths are reported to the Georgia Department of Public Health. It does not reflect when these deaths occurred.

Tests: 826,711. This number includes 138,123 antibody tests and 688,588 viral tests (+24,613 new viral tests in 24 hours). These totals don’t account for tests that are not reported through the state’s electronic lab reporting system.

Current Hospitalizations: 944. That’s an increase of seven patients in 24 hours. This count does not include patients who are being investigated for possible infection by health officials. The number of current hospitalizations has increased every day since June 14. Current hospitalizations are at their highest rate since May 20.

Cases per 100,000: Echols (4333.59), Randolph (2872.37), Chattahoochee (2902.60), Terrell (2562.89) and Early (2523.16) counties have the highest coronavirus rates per 100,000 people in the state.

The health department is not reporting how many Georgians have recovered.

For a complete county-by-county list, visit the Georgia Department of Public Health’s website.

Regional updates

Cases in the Columbus area continue to rise.

Muscogee County reported 1,147 total cases Saturday (up one case in 24 hours). As of June 20, 34 coronavirus-related deaths have been confirmed in Muscogee.

In Middle Georgia, Bibb County reported 597 cases, up seven cases from Friday. As of June 20, 37 coronavirus-related deaths have been confirmed in Bibb.

Houston County reported 486 cases, an increase of five cases in 24 hours. As of June 20, 20 coronavirus-related deaths have been confirmed in Houston.

Gwinnett County reports the highest number of cases in the state, at 6,043.

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