• Patrolman Myron Smith is seen placing his hands around a suspect’s neck in video that circulated online from May 22
  • The clip shows a young man pinned up against a car as the cop yells: ‘I asked you to leave. What did you do?’
  • At one point the cop shouts at him: ‘Make me. Make me. I said make me’  but it’s unclear what he’d suggesting he’ll do
  • They have a short struggle and the suspect gestures toward his throat as onlookers yell: ‘He’s not breathing’ 
  • The officer has been placed on administrative leave pending investigation 

A shocking video shows the moment a Mississippi police officer taunts a young man while wrapping his hands around his neck and onlookers desperate try to get him to stop.

In the footage from 4.30pm on Friday, a woman standing nearby is heard pleading with the officer to let go, saying: ‘He’s not breathing. He’s not breathing.’

The Jackson Police Department officer in the clip was placed on administrative leave Monday after the incident circulated on social media. Public information officer Sam Brown said the patrol man’s name is Myron Smith, the Jackson Free Press reported.

The video was filmed outside the Beauty Zone and 88 Cent stores on Bailey Road in Jackson.