May 26, 2022

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7 shot as Breonna Taylor supporters protest in downtown Louisville

Protesters in Louisville call for prosecution of LMPD officers.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) – Seven people were shot during protests that lasted into early Friday morning in downtown Louisville.

An LMPD spokeswoman confirmed that one of the victims was in critical condition. She also said several arrests had been made. What remains unknown is who was shot and by whom, as well as the names of those who were arrested.

In a statement released early Friday morning, Louisville mayor Greg Fischer said five of those victim would recover and two underwent surgery.

“Last night and early this morning protesters took to the streets in downtown Louisville to express their deep frustration about the Breonna Taylor case. While the situation is still unfolding, we know that were several hours of peaceful protest before some in the crowd turned violent, leading to seven people being people shot from within the crowd. Five are in good condition; two were sent to surgery. My prayers are with all of them. No officers fired their weapons, and my thanks go to the police officers who, despite risk to themselves, got aid to those injured.

I feel the community’s frustration, the anger, the fear. But tonight’s violence and destruction is not the way to solve it.

Breonna’s death was a terrible tragedy. But, as Breonna’s family said tonight, answering violence with violence is not the answer. Gunfire and vandalism does not advance our cause – and it cannot be tolerated.

I support protesters’ First Amendment rights to share their frustrations, in a peaceful manner.


Clearly, we, as a community and a country, have work to do to advance our shared goal of a society where all people have the opportunity to reach their full potential – and to live safely.

I urge protesters, again, as Breonna’s family said tonight – to say her name. But let’s not see anyone else get hurt. There is only one way forward, and that’s working together. Work for the truth, work for peace, work for justice. For Breonna, her family and for all of Louisville. Our community of Louisville is a place that so many of us love – with all of its beauty and imperfections. We have no choice but to rise to this moment, work together through our challenges and build our city up – for everyone.”

Several hundred protesters converged on downtown Louisville for several hours as backlash from the LMPD shooting death of Breonna Taylor continues to draw national attention.

Source:7 shot as Breonna Taylor supporters protest in downtown Louisville

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