Minnesota Timberwolves baller Karl-Anthony Towns told his Instagram followers that his mom was put in a medically-induced coma to fight COVID-19 and urged people to take the coronavirus seriously.

Towns said both of his parents went to the hospital after they weren’t feeling well. His dad was ultimately released to home quarantine but he said his mom was kept at the hospital and diagnosed with the coronavirus.

“Her fever was never cutting from 103, maybe go down to 101.9 with the medicine but would immediately spike back up during the night,” Towns said in his Instagram video.

He captioned the video: “WE CAN BEAT THIS, BUT THIS IS SERIOUS AND WE NEED TO TAKE EVERY PRECAUTION. Sharing my story in the hopes that everyone stays at home!” We need more equipment and we need to help those medical personnel on the front lines. Thank you to the medical staff who are helping my mom. You are all the true heroes! Praying for all of us at this difficult time.”

Towns told his IG followers that “the severity of this disease is real” and “deadly.”

“This disease needs not to be taken lightly. Please protect your families, your loved ones, your friends, yourself. Practice social distancing,” Towns said.

Towns said instead of getting better, his mom’s lungs were “getting worse” as was her cough.

“She kept getting worse. She kept getting worse. The hospital was doing everything they could,” Towns said.

Ultimately, his mom was placed on a ventilator. Then she was put in a medically-induced coma.

Still, Towns said he knows she will get through this because “my mother is the strongest woman I know, and I know she will beat this. And we will rejoice when she does.”

Towns ended the video by sending his love to all his IG followers and their families.

We send him and his the same love in return.