A 27-year-old white man named Nicholas Phinazee Bryan was shot and killed at Georgia Waffle House. He was reportedly trying to start fight and using the racial slurs. The incident ended with him losing his life.

The incident happened on October 31, 2019, at around 11 p.m. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation said in a statement, “The Butts County Sheriff’s Office 911 Center received three different 911 calls regarding disturbances at the Waffle House. The first call was regarding an irate customer, the second call was regarding a fight, and the third call was regarding shots fired, all of which were within several minutes.”

The statement continued, “Butts County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to the Waffle House. Upon the deputies’ arrival, they discovered Nicholas Phinazee Bryan, 27, of Milner, GA, who suffered a gunshot wound.” Bryan would later die at the hospital.

The statement also revealed Robert Lewis Henderson, Jr, 36, of Flovilla, Georgia, and Antonio DeMarty Evans, 39, of Flovilla, Georgia had the confrontation. The 27-year-old “was using racial slurs towards Henderson and Evans and was asked to leave the premises by Waffle House staff. Evans and Bryan began having a physical altercation, at which time, Henderson, Jr. fired one round at Bryan, striking him.”

There are reports on social media that he called the three men the N-word. But it’s not clear why the fight broke out.

Bryan’s obituary is public and read in part, “Nicholas, ‘Nick, Phinazee Bryan, 27, of Milner, passed away November 1, 2019. From birth, on January 14, 1992 in Griffin, GA, Nicholas always brought a loving smile and a helping hand to his family and all he encountered.”

The obituary also read, “Nicholas built a full and loving life on his beautiful family land with his wife, and high school sweetheart” and “Nicholas was a loving and devoted father, husband, son, brother, nephew, cousin and friend, and will always be remembered by his bright, shining smile and his love of EVERYone.” It’s not clear why “EVERY” is in all caps.

It is not clear if anyone will be charged.

On Oct. 25, a white woman in Louisiana called a Black cop the N-word, threatened with him scissors, charged at him and she was shot and killed. The officer did not face any charges.

Source: White Man Fatally Shot At Waffle House After Using Racial Slurs And Trying To Fight Customers