March 26, 2023

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Homelessness becomes illegal in California

W-S Overflow Homeless Shelter Opens- All Quiet on The ...

The White House Council of Economic Advisor reported that more than a quarter of a million people are homeless in California on September 2019. Four of the five cities that have the most unsheltered homeless in the United States is also located in California. Reports have suggested that Trumps is being forced to stage and effective intervention in California to address the homeless in the State. The White house has researched trends and patterns in other states that have caused mass homelessness; mostly noting trends along coastal states like D.C. and California which have the high cities with homeless that are unsheltered. States with warmer climates also saw more concentrated patterns of homeless. On the opposite trend, states like Texas and Florida have lower concentrations of homelessness.

The White house also notes local laws and policing practices that effected the number of reported homelessness cases and documented unsheltered homeless. In some states more than others have policies that protect open spaces from encampments, loitering, other related squatting on public and private properties. Trump proposed several changes; like housing occupancy regulations for single and multiple unite housings be changed so that more people have access to them.

Policies that intend to jail the homeless simple because they are homeless are inhumane, however homelessness is worsened by sleeping on the streets and encourage policing he streets to move these people into shelters. Affordable housing advocates have criticized the President for not creating more Affordable housing, but more policies that police the homeless. Affordable housing should be readdressed in addressing the homeless as well as getting treatment and access to services to help them stay sheltered. Further criminalization of the poor should not be considered as an option to help people. Colorado and Washington are the two states that are working on Homeless and Housing Reforms, but not as a fast as the rise of homelessness.


Author: Fe Fo

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