March 27, 2023

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Black Owned Bottled Water Company Looks To Send Water To Flint, MI

Everlasting Spring WaterBlack owned bottle water company, Everlasting Spring Water is attempting to raise money to donate water to residents in Flint, MI.  Their goal is to use the funds raised to help purchase a truckload of bottled water at cost.

We are striving to donate a truckload of water to help in this time of need. We need to help our community with providing one of the most important essentials of life, water.  Also, to ensure that we reach our goal, we will find truck drivers that will take it to Flint Michigan at cost.

Everlasting Spring Water is a bottled spring water company established in 2001. They are a wholesale distributor with offices located in Horn Lake, Mississippi. Their company mission is to provide natural spring water from the springs in Dandrige, Tennessee. The water they provide is naturally 7.9 alkaline.

The company is looking for help to raise at least $10,000 to send 100,000 bottles of water to the residents of Flint. A spokes person for the company said they are in contact with Muhammad Study Group and Churches in Detroit. And they have people in Detroit that will help to distribute the water to the community.


To make a donation go to their page here

Source: Black Owned Bottled Water Company Looks To Send Water To Flint, MI


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