Photo: San Luis Obispo Police Department

Authorities charged a California man with hate crimes upon finding a cache of weapons and ammunition in his home, after he was accused of sending threatening greeting cards to his non-white neighbors.

On June 30, police in San Luis Obispo, Calif, arrested the future star of a Dateline NBC episode, 62-year-old Richard Vincent Orcutt, after an investigation revealed that Orcutt reportedly sent star-spangled Hallmark cards to people “stating that he was going to shoot minorities moving into his neighborhood,” according to the San Luis Obispo Tribune.

While I would have guessed that anyone named Richard Vincent Orcutt was either a potential mass shooter or a provider of reasonably-priced HVAC work, internet sleuths and authorities have not yet uncovered Orcutt’s social media profile. However, from his Merle Haggard-like beard alone, I would wager that there is a manifesto written in a spiral notebook somewhere explaining how black people and Mexicans are ruining this great country by being too lazy, living off the government and somehow, still taking all the jobs, which is why his precious ex-girlfriend Patricia left him and moved in with a negro. And, of course, there’s probably something about the Jews.

Manifesto-writing motherfuckers hate the Jews.

But when the police department, the SWAT team, and deputies completed a search of Orcutt’s home, instead of an unfinished manifesto, they found dozens of guns and thousands of rounds of ammunition stashed in the residence of Segregation Santa. The 37 weapons included pistols, shotguns and a number of military-style assault weapons, which are banned from being sold in the state.

Reports from the local police department allege that Orcutt sent the threatening cards bearing an American flag to property owners, renters, property management companies and even people who were considering moving into nearby homes. The envelopes typically had no return address and investigators still have no idea how many of these cards he allegedly sent, asking possible victims to contact them if they received any of the suspicious greeting cards.

Prosecutors charged Orcutt with seven charges of making criminal threats, one charge of attempting to make a criminal threat, and two counts of possessing an assault weapon, namely an AR-15, the Tribune reports. Three of the charges were upgraded to hate crimes, meaning the Minority Hate Mailer (that’s gonna be the name of Orcutt’s episode of the Forensic Files) faces a potential sentence of 15 years, according to San Luis Obispo’s district attorney.

He was released on $500,000 bail the same day he was arrested.

Orcutt is currently (probably) working on his manifesto.

Source: Hate Thy Neighbor: Man Allegedly Sent Hallmark Cards Threatening to Shoot ‘Minorities’ Who Move Into His Neighborhood