Rev. Jesse Jackson speaks with Democratic presidential candidate and self-help author Marianne Williamson at the Rainbow PUSH Coalition Annual International Convention on July 1, 2019, in Chicago.
Photo: Scott Olson (Getty Images)

I don’t know if 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful Marianne Williamson believes that she can win, but she’s certainly entertaining in her losing effort. To put it lightly, the spiritual guru, aka “girlfriend,” is kooky AF and while other Democratic nominees are vying for the black vote by offering reparations for slavery and student loan elimination, Williamson is on a whole ’nother level.

According to the Houston Chronicle, during her “Love America” tour in 2018, Williamson had all the white attendees turn and hold hands with the closest black audience member and had them apologize for slavery, lynching, and police brutality.

“With nearly 200 black people in the audience on their feet, Williamson apologized for slavery, lynching, murders, rapes of black women, destruction of the black family, mass incarceration of black men, being called the N-word and systemic and institutionalized racism and more,” the Houston Chronicle’s Joy Sewing wrote at the time.

You have to watch the video below because it’s amazing and slightly cringey and really awkward and amazing.

Videos from other events show that Williamson makes her white audience members apologize to African Americans on the regular. She also wrote a poem in 2016 titled “Prayer of Apology to African Americans.” And Williamson has been a strong advocate for America paying what it owes to black folks.

“What I have proposed is $200 to $500 billion—I think anything less than $100 billion is an insult,” Williamson told Hill TV’s Krystal Ball and Buck Sexton.

Williamson would create a reparations council to oversee the 20-year disbursement.

“We should have a reparations council, board of trustees as it were, selecting this counsel—very, very significant because it has to be a board of trustees… [that] white America trusts and black America trusts,” she said.

Williamson added that reparations would help heal the racial divide and noted that many Americans are “undereducated” about the “real history of race.”

“I don’t think the average American is a racist—actually, I don’t at all,” she said. “But I do think the average American is vastly undereducated, underinformed about the real history of race in the United States,” Hill TV reports.

Maybe Williamson isn’t that kooky; shit, she has my vote and hopefully becomes president so that during her first State of the Union, she forces white Congress members to hold the hands of the black colleagues and say “I’m sorry.”

Source: Democratic Hopeful Marianne Williamson Asked White Audience Members to Apologize to Black Guests for Slavery