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Victoria Sutton filed a federal lawsuit against her white landlords who she said evicted her because she allowed a Black family to come over to her place for a playdate.

Sutton, who is white, has enlisted the help of the ACLU of Georgia and filed a housing discrimination claim on Wednesday alleging that Allen and Patricia McCoy kicked her out of her rental home for having “n*ggers” on their property, a claim the McCoys deny.

Sutton said last fall, she invited a coworker and his family over. After the meet-up she said she hugged him as his family left her Adairsville home. Allen McCoy apparently saw the exchange and, in the complaint, Sutton alleges that he called her a “n*gger lover.”

McCoy then allegedly told Sutton she should be ashamed of herself for having “n*ggers on their property.”

McCoy also allegedly threatened to call Child Protective Services on her. Sutton said she called his wife Patricia to complain that her husband threatened eviction and told her she would have to suffer the consequences of bringing the “n*ggers” around, WSBTV reports.

When WSBTV sat down with the McCoys’ and asked if there was any truth to the claims, Allen McCoy responded, “Nope.”

“Some of the best friends I got is colored,” McCoy said in his defense, yet using another term considered racist by Black people.

“Your best friends are colored?” the reported asks.

“Yes, sir,” McCoy replies.

McCoy and his wife then claimed that Sutton was being evicted because she damaged the property.

“I wasn’t shocked at all because racism is alive and well today,” said Sean J. Young, legal director for the ACLU of Georgia told WSB.

“Racial discrimination is wrong, and whether it manifests in the form of this kind of blatant commentary or whether it happens more insidiously behind the scenes, it’s wrong in every instance,” Young said.

Source: White tenant claims racist landlord called her ‘n*gger lover’ and evicted him because she had Black guests