A video has gone viral of St. Louis County, Missouri arresting a Black man with a baby in his arms. Now the police have released a statement, claiming the video was heavily edited and defending the arrest.

See the incident below, which reportedly happened on July 7:

St. Louis County Police released a lengthy statement, which read in part, “The video was a culmination of a domestic assault call in which officers were attempting to safely take the suspect into custody and secure a young child. It is selectively edited and depicts only portions of what occurred.”

The statements claims law enforcement were responding to a call regarding domestic assault around 11:00 a.m., “Upon their arrival, officers contacted a victim, a 28 year old female, who stated that her child’s father assaulted her, damaged property inside the home, and left with their young child. The victim gave a description of the suspect to officers. A St. Louis County Police officer located the suspect shortly after at a nearby bus stop.

The statement continued, “That officer advised him he was being detained in reference to a domestic violence investigation. The suspect refused to comply with the officer numerous times while continually placing the young child between himself and the officer. A back-up officer arrived on scene to assist and gave several verbal commands for the suspect to release the child and comply. He continued to refuse to comply. The officers used the least amount of force possible to compel the suspect to comply.”

The suspected was arrested for domestic assault in the fourth degree, property damage in the second degree, resisting arrest, and other outstanding warrants. Police claim the child was uninjured and was given back to the mother.

The statement closes with, “We want the community to be aware that our department investigates incidents in their entirety and does not limit that investigation to what parts may or may not have been video recorded. As always, we strongly encourage any witnesses to any parts of the investigation to reach out with details that will help to create a complete timeline of the event.”

The identity of the suspect has not been released but it’s fair to wait for his side of the story and the mother of the child.

Source: Police Try To Defend Arresting A Black Man With A Baby In His Arms