Black cowboys will make a comeback, courtesy of filmmaker and actor Mario Van Peebles who is working on a new period film called “Outlaw Posse,” Deadline reported yesterday (July 2).

Last seen with Black infantrymen in the cowboy-era West in 1993’s “Posse,” Van Peebles reportedly wrote the script for “Outlaw.” He will star in and direct the film. As with his role in “Posse,” Van Peebles’ character will search for truth and justice with a crew of Black cowboys in the late 1800s.

“Folks have been after me to do another Baadasssss multicultural Western for years and the time is now,” Van Peebles told Deadline. “This time we have badass and tough women riding tall in the posse alongside homages to notable real-life personages of the wild west. This is a posse of outlaws because when the laws were unjust, sometimes the just were the outlaws. We are living in our version of the wild west, and these films represent the heroes who fight for our daily survival as individuals.”

“Outlaw Posse” is said to be in pre-production, with casting leads already underway for early next year.

Source: Filmmaker Mario Van Peebles Set to Bring Black Cowboys Back to the Big Screen