Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard had concerns after U.S. Marshals shot a man 59 times, while trying to make an arrest. But he says it is the federal government’s bitter battle to block his access to information about that case that now has him concerned.

Jamarion Robinson’s death has grabbed headlines across the country. He was a young man with no criminal convictions outside of a traffic violation, killed in a rain of gunfire.

“It’s like they’re on a hunt. It just so happened that day, it was my son that they killed,” says Robinson’s mother, Monteria.

According to the medical examiner’s report, Jamarion Robinson was shot 59 times. Some of the bullets exited his body, creating 76 bullet wounds in all.

At the time the U.S. Marshals Regional Task Force was serving an arrest warrant on behalf of the Atlanta Police Department.

Source: He had 76 bullet wounds from police guns. The DA is asking why