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Looks like comedian Kevin Hart could be headed to court soon. A lawsuit has been filed saying that the comedian’s body guards pushed down an innocent bystander on the street while they were trying to usher Hart out of an event. The woman apparently alleges that the incident left her with a completely broken face.

According to legal documents obtained by TMZ, Carmen Marrero says that she was walking on a New York city sidewalk near 54th street and Eight Avenue in the heart of midtown Manhattan in January, when she noticed a small crowd of people gathered outside. She contends that suddenly, out of no where, Hart’s security team came aggressively storming through the front doors and one man in particular shoved people out of the way.

Marrero was allegedly knocked to the ground, which caused a fracture in her face.

Marrero’s attorney, Richard Russo, says they are suing Hart, his production company and SAG-AFTRA for assault and battery and is expecting a hefty pay day, although there is no mention of how much she is requesting. She is saying that Hart was “negligent” when he failed to properly train his team of security guards.

Hart, whose voice is feature in “The Secret Life of Pets 2” is in the number one movie in America right now. The film grossed $47.1 million in tickets this weekend. Hart has yet to comment on the accusations or the lawsuit.

During a recent interview on Australian network 10play show “The Project”, Hart was surprisingly open when he revealed  that he still gets nervous every time he hands over his credit card at the checkout counter. He acknowledged that he knows it’s “crazy,” for someone wealthy to feel this way, that still doesn’t stop the Philadelphia native from remembering his humble beginnings.

“I still get anxiety if there’s a long line at a department store and I’m going to charge my card. I don’t know why,” explained the 39-year-old.

We wonder how he’s feeling about this pending lawsuit.

Source: Kevin Hart sued for assault and battery