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Richard Schwind, an associate Cook County judge in Chicago, lost his seat after being voted off the bench following claims that he’s made a barrage of racist comments.

Schwind and another associated judge were voted out of their seats by other circuit court judges who are charged with making the determination. Schwind and another judge were the only two out of the 138 on the bench who didn’t win another four-year term, The Chicago Sun-Times reports.

Last year Schwind faced backlash for telling a Black defendant who was on trial for assaulting a white man who called him a racial slur, “You were never a slave, but you take offense to it.”

The Chicago Bar Association reportedly recommended to the circuit court judges that Schwind and associate judge, Luciano Panici not be reappointed to the bench.

“Statements to minority litigants appearing before him are insensitive, improper and evidence bias,” the bar association said.

Source: A Chicago judge removed from the bench after claims of making insensitive racial statements