November 30, 2022

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NYC one-bedroom rents hit $2,980/month, an all-time high


We know that housing costs in New York City are astronomically expensive—but a new report has confirmed how high they’ve gotten.

Real estate listing site Zumper released its June national rent report, which once again placed New York second place in a top 10 of the highest one-bedroom median rent prices in the country, after San Francisco.

Median rent for one-bedrooms in New York City, according to the report, grew 4.6 percent last month, reaching $2,980—the highest it has been in at least three years, the report says. In terms of two-bedroom apartments, they grew at an even higher rate of 5.1 percent, reaching $3,300.

The last time NYC reached a peak was last July, when one-bedroom median rent was $2,900.

Zumper looked at 100 cities in the country and used data from over one million listings. The report’s top five markets with the highest June one-bedroom rents includes San Francisco at $3,700, New York at $2,980, Boston at $2,500, San Jose at $2,430, and Los Angeles at $2,250.

Source: NYC one-bedroom rents hit $2,980/month, an all-time high


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