March 22, 2023

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Black-owned Dallas Restaurant reserves Mondays to serve the homeless

For most restaurants Monday’s are a busy day filled with a lot of customers coming in and out, but for Dallas restaurateur Paulette Johnson this is a day reserved to serve the homeless. Every Monday starting at noon Johnson uses her South Dallas, Texas restaurant to give the less fortunate hot meals, toiletries and clothes.

The restaurant fills up quickly when she opens her doors, but everyone is given a number so they can receive a hot plate of Southern cuisine — no matter how packed the dining area may be no one is turned away.

Years before owning the Trucker’s Cafe she grew up in a battered women’s shelter where she learned how to cook. The experience made her sympathetic to others’ plight.

“I just thank God for waking me up, (to) do what I do today. Because I know people out here struggling everyday,” Johnson told ABC 8 WFAA. “It’s still hard for me, but I’m just worried about everybody that I could help. It’s just me, and if I can help and put smiles on people’s faces, that’s all I need.”

Johnson also told ABC WFAA she makes enough money for her family and daily necessities, and giving back does not affect her bottom line. When people leave her establishment, she wants them to have a sense of hope to go along with a full belly.

Source: Black-owned Dallas Restaurant reserves Mondays to serve the homeless


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