December 10, 2022

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Education Equality and Cheating education.

Don't You Want Free Money? - Chatfield College

Today, more than 60 years after Brown v. Board of Education, the debate continues over how to combat racial inequalities in the nation’s school system, largely based on residential patterns and differences in resources between schools in wealthier and economically disadvantaged districts across the country states

Not only does educational attainment impact job and work experience, but it also can be felt economically as a determination of life expectancy.

The shocking bribes allegedly paid to get kids into Yale, Stanford ...

After The Hollywood Cheating Scandals that has charged Felicity Huffman and Lindsey Lochlin with federal cheating scandals that involved them and others paying to change grades and take college exams as well as fix grades, others among the upper class have come forth outside of Hollywood that they were paying to further maintain a life style their kids. The College cheating scandals is not a new trend in the top 1 percent of people in American who have made their money in entertainment and sport, but opened a new eye on what it means to make exceptions beyond the rules for Hollywood Elite and legacies of the top 1 percent.

Discussion of attained status versus talent is a new topic among many of students and athletes of color who aren’t in the top elite but attained a college admission through academic achievements and did not pay for alterations of grades and exams. There are several students suing their colleges for allowing the cheating exception despite the behavior being unfair and cause for discrimination against lower economic students who cannot afford to cheat.

The new economical disenfranchisement is far beyond discrimination and furthers the education attainment gap that separates Americans into a class society divided by race; pushing whites further to the top 1 percent and pushing other races into the middle class and below.

Despite 60 years of integration with whites, blacks have not achieved the equality that black leaders fought for by defeating segregation in Education with Brown Versus Board of Education versus Topeka, 1954. We still fight the grandfather clause of white supremacy that allows them to further attain a better education to be resolved with legislation.

Author: Felicia Foster

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