As nine states have recently passed new laws that have essentially banned abortions, with some even making no exceptions for rape and incest, D.L. Hughley has noticed a correlation between those states and their history of racism.

Hughley was spotted at LAX recently, where he was asked by TMZ if the plight of women could be compared to that of African-Americans, to which he replied that they’re “indecipherable” and “symbiotic.”

“Everywhere that incest and rape are considered less of a crime than abortion is where they thought it was okay to rape slaves,” Hughley noted, “where they never had a problem taking a woman’s body from her.”

From there, Hughley points out that if we’re going to have a conversation about reproductive rights then women have to be in the room, referencing the recently signed bill in Alabama by saying “It can’t be 25 white men and a 75-year-old women, some of them have to have some eggs.”

The comedian then elaborated on his position by saying that despite some differences the plights of women and African-Americans are in fact comparable, concluding his thoughts by adding that “a woman’s body has never really belonged to a woman in those parts of the [country].

Source: D.L. Hughley: Abortion Bans Are Only in States Where It ‘Was Ok to Rape Slaves’