Earlier this week, Kim Kardashian was applauded for being responsible for the early release of 17 inmates who were facing life in prison without parole for low-level drug offenses.

But Brittany K. Barnett—an attorney and criminal justice reform advocate from Dallas, Texas—wants the media to give credit where it’s due, saying SHE and her partner MiAngel Cody are the ones who did all the work that Kim is getting praised for.

Barnett addressed the misconception for the “first and last time” in a lengthy Facebook post, saying that she’s 100% grateful for the financial help Kim provided, but don’t get it twisted because she (Barnett) and her partner provided the blood, sweat and tears needed to make all of this possible.


Barnett also made it clear that people need to stop going in on Kim for doing good things for people.

“Instead of negativity about Kim, why don’t y’all reach out and see if the 17 people we helped free need anything,” she wrote. “Welcome them home. Give them jobs. Send a care package. Amplify their voices without the sharecropping.”

Read Brittany Barnett’s full post below:

The first and last time I will speak on it. Seriously, because the negativity from today is misdemeanor sh*t and we still have lives to save.

MiAngel Cody and I have BEEN doing this work for FREE. Ask any of our dozens of clients who are now free living their best lives. Both of us left six figure salary jobs and wiped out our own savings accounts to fund our work.

We attempted to get grants from these large foundations shelling out MILLIONS of dollars to other organizations but would not look our way because they so-called don’t fund “direct services”.

Our hands were full picking locks to human cages, we didn’t have time to participate in glorified begging from the nonprofit industrial complex only to be turned down.

Kim linked arms with us to support us when foundations turned us down. We and our clients and their families have a lot of love for her and are deeply grateful for her.

In 90 days TWO black women lawyers freed SEVENTEEN people from LIFE W/O PAROLE sentences – the second most severe penalty permitted by law in America. Only two of us. Prosecutors opposed nearly every single case we had. We litigated our asses off in federal courts across the country. We won DOWNWARD DEPARTURES in most of our cases – due to good lawyering.

People set to DIE in prison – are now FREE. Our clients weren’t even on this selective list the Sentencing Commission sent out or on federal defenders radars. In fact we have copies of letters federal defenders sent some of our clients telling them they weren’t even eligible for relief under First Step Act – but we got them free.

Our work in 90 days is historic. We picked some up from prison. We gave re-entry stipends. We continue to support them upon release.

Educate yourself on the real before coming to me with the bullsh*t. I may seem quiet but I promise I’m not the one. This criminal justice reform space is the messiest, pettiest, most divisive and cliquish sh*t I’ve ever seen in my entire life – with human lives at stake.

The drama is mind blowing. I’ve never seen anything like what goes on in this space and I want no parts of the drama. This is why my sis and I stay in our corner and do the work – and why we will continue to do so. Both of us have had a parent in prison. This work is real to us.

We are ELATED 17 people will not die in prison. We are ELATED 17 families are restored. Instead of negativity about Kim, why don’t y’all reach out and see if the 17 people we helped free need anything. Welcome them home. Give them jobs. Send a care package. Amplify their voices without the sharecropping.

Kim has always been very clear in her role. It’s the media that spins it around – not Kim. We do not care how the media is portraying it – that’s what the media does. Who cares. We need Kim’s support and the support of anyone else who wants to join this fight. We love that she is using her platform to raise awareness. We ain’t trying to be famous, we trying to get our people free. Period.

To date, Brittany Barnett and MiAngel Cody have saved 37 lives from unfair sentences with “The Buried Alive Project,” so kudos to them for doing this very important work!

Also, shoutout to Kim for helping with the funding. Both parts are equally as important, honestly.

Source: Black Attorney Says She’s Responsible for Freeing the 17 Inmates Kim Kardashian is Getting Credit For