One mother is taking a stand against racist bullying. After Margo Boyd‘s 14-year-old son Kanye was suspended earlier this month for defending himself against racist taunts at West County Middle School in Park Hills, Missouri, she was demanding to know how the school plans to handle bullies. As of Tuesday evening, it appears that the answer was nothing.Boyd appeared on “The Clay Cane Show” on SiriusXM on Tuesday and said she and her family moved from St. Louis to the Park Hills area back in February. Her children are the lone Black children at West County Middle School, which is the only school they can attend because of district rules.

Boyd said her kids have endured racist and homophobic bullying, including being called the N-word, since their first week of school. She emailed and called the principal, Dr. Kevin Coffman, constantly, who according to her, “paid no attention to it.”

On April 16, Boyd said the bullying got worse. She described how Kanye was followed into one of the school bathrooms by a student who repeatedly called him the N-word. Boyd said her son explained, “I kept telling him to stop, he wouldn’t stop so I asked him, ‘Do you want it in the face or your chest? The boy said in my chest.” Kanye punched him one time.

Boyd said nothing happened to the racist bully, who is the school’s “star baseball player for the team. His dad works for the city, his mom works for a school board.” She said the bully was shown being recorded by a surveillance camera as he left class to follow Kanye, but still, nothing was done. In the end, Kanye was suspended for three days and referred to the sheriff’s department.

Boyd complained to the superintendent — a position that she said Principal Coffman would be filling the next school year — who she said wasn’t aware of the incident. Coffman allegedly hid the video from the superintendent, but Boyd said she taped principal saying he would review the video.

“There’s kids out here who are killing themselves over this and I couldn’t be one of those mothers,” Boyd told Cane. “I couldn’t, these are my boys. These are my sons… We were told from the principal that “these are just words, that it  doesn’t hurt anybody.” And, I’m like, yes, they hurt. You don’t understand how bad they hurt. They hurt everyone who is close to this family.”

Sadly, Boyd’s only option was to meet with a compliance officer and file a complaint, which she said she planned to do this week.

“Coffman is letting so much bullying go on that there have actually been kids at the school that I’ve tried to commit suicide because they’re gay and they’re being picked on,” Boyd continued. “We entrust this man, Dr. Coffman, with our children. We have to send them under his care for 8 hours, but he’s not protecting them. So if he’s failing at his job and not focusing on the bigger picture on how this is affecting children, there something wrong with this man.”

Boyd said the only discipline for the racist bully was two days of after-school detention, a punishment set to begin only once baseball season ends. In addition, Boyd said Coffman told her other son Elijah, 13, that if he defended himself against bullies, he would be suspended, as well.

Bullying should be taken seriously and over the past few months, multiple children have lost their lives because of bullying. Nigel Shelby, Phillip Spruill, Jr. and Seven Bridges are just a few of the names.

Source: Mom Slams School For Ignoring Racist Bullying: ‘There’s Kids Out Here Who Are Killing Themselves’