January 29, 2023

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Bystanders scream in horror as Florida cops brutalize black teens

Video: Deputy slams high school student's head to the ground ...

Florida deputies were caught on video roughing up teenagers outside a McDonald’s near their school.

Cell phone video footage shows Broward County sheriff’s deputies pepper spraying one teen and the slamming his head against the pavement and punching him, reported WSVN-TV.

“What are you doing?” students shouted in the video. “He’s bleeding!”The teens had gathered in the fast food restaurant’s parking lot to watch a fight set for Thursday afternoon, and deputies responded to complaints about the crowd.

The deputy shown in the video claims the teen stepped back into a defensive pose, and he feared the teen would strike him.

“Is that a fair way to treat a 13-, 14-year-old, however old he may be?” said witness Jordan Payne. “That’s a grown man. You can’t treat a little kid like that, come on, now. Punching him while he’s on the floor? At that point, you already had him detained, why go further?”

Two teens were taken into custody late Thursday as juveniles, and a third teen was taken to a hospital for evaluation after he was blasted with pepper spray.

He was released to his family after a judge warned him to stay away from the McDonald’s and not to hang around the same group of teens.

The teen faces trespassing and resisting arrest without violence charges after downgrading the original charge, aggravated assault on an officer.

The Sheriff’s Office is investigating the incident but has not issued a statement.

Source: Bystanders scream in horror as Florida cops brutalize black teens

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