January 30, 2023

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Nick Cannon Promises To Finish Nipsey Hussle’s Controversial Film On Dr. Sebi


040119-celebrities-nick-cannon-nipsey-hussle-documentary-dr-sebiNipsey Hussle had a number of passion projects in the works when he tragically passed away on Sunday (March 31), and his closest friends are vowing to carry on his legacy.

One of the latest to do so is Wild N’ Out star Nick Cannon, who, in his emotional tribute to Nip, promised to finish a controversial project the Victory Lap rapper was working on in his final days.

Nipsey Hussle’s fans may already be aware that he was working on a documentary on the infamous Dr. Sebi, who was a well-known Honduran healer and herbalist who claimed to find the cure for AIDS. Some on social media even believe that Nip’s involvement with the documentary contributed to his death. (This still falls under a fringe theory, without any evidence to back it up.)

In fact, the documentary was particularly controversial as it sought to shed light on Dr. Sebi’s trial, where he reportedly proved he found the cure for AIDS. It is alleged that this hefty claim led to him being executed by way of U.S. medical corporations as his “remedy” would take away from their profits.

Determined to not let Nipsey’s work die, Cannon, in a lengthy Instagram caption, said we have to take “responsibility” for each other before adding that he had “unfinished King business” to tend to.

“Where you left off, we gonna carry one!” he wrote. “It’s a MARATHON, so I’m picking up the baton! Because they can’t kill us all! Spiritual Warfare is REAL and in full effect. And now your Spirit is protecting your community eternally! Your words, your steps, your walk always was and always will be SOLID! Now, Your message is my message! Your work is my work!”

Source: Nick Cannon Promises To Finish Nipsey Hussle’s Controversial Film On Dr. Sebi

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