March 27, 2023

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13-Year-Old Dies After Sinus Infection Doctors Said Would ‘Run Its Course’ Traveled To His Brain


On Sunday, Marquel Brumley, an eighth grader at the Mt. Morris School District, died at a hospital where he was scheduled to have brain surgery, reported WNEM.

Brumely’s illness began several weeks ago when he experienced cold-like symptoms with a headache. Brumley was taken to an urgent care facility where doctors diagnosed him with a “viral infection” that would “run its course,” according to Peggy Gilbert, a relative of the teen.

Eventually, Brumley’s condition worsened and he began suffering from migraines. Gilbert said he visited multiple emergency rooms, but no new diagnosis was reported.

A week ago, Brumley developed another serious migraine that resulted in him going to the hospital for an MRI. During that hospital visit, doctors learned he had a brain infection.

After the infection was spotted, Brumley suffered two strokes and was sent to a hospital in Ann Arbor for brain surgery. However, the teen never recovered from his illness and passed away.

“Every day without fail, ‘love you Aunt Nicki. See you later.’ If they spent the night here he wouldn’t go to bed without telling me he loved me. Really just a sweetheart. I’m going to miss having him around,” Nicole Alexander, Marquel’s aunt, told WNEM.

The 13-year-old was a straight A student, a football player and a funny guy.

“He was my favorite person. Now he’s not gonna be here anymore,” said Alexandria Brumley, Marquel’s sister. “I feel like it’s not real. I feel like he’s gonna come back. But I know he’s not gonna come back.”

GoFundMe page has been set up to help Marquel’s family pay for medical and funeral expenses. So far, it has raised more than $1,900.

Source: 13-Year-Old Dies After Sinus Infection Doctors Said Would ‘Run Its Course’ Traveled To His Brain

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