January 30, 2023

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Atlanta’s AIDS Epidemic


As of 2014 the CDC (center of disease control) declared a HIV/AIDS epidemic in Atlanta, GA. Today Atlanta, GA is the 4th city in new HIV diagnoses and 7th with the number of people living with HIV/AIDS a year in the US. At 1st is Baton Rouge, LA. Then Miami FL, New Orleans LA, Jackson MI, Orlando FL, Memphis TE and Atlanta, GA at number seven. Black men, women and youth are most affected by this epidemic, says statistics. It is unclear to the CDC as to why HIV/AIDS is on the rise. However, Fulton County health officials have a pretty clear idea. Doctors of Emory University says lack of adequate healthcare and leadership is a possible explanation. City leaders and community advocates says “as a city we have not been addressing this issue and making sure we make people aware of the health crises of our city”.

In 2014 Fulton County started the Fulton County Task Force and created the Permanent HIV Prevention, care and policy Advisory Committee to lead the plan to handle the HIV crises in Atlanta. Their mission was to turn the city into “a community without new HIV infectious or AIDS related deaths, where all individuals living with HIV will recieve uninterrupted care and treatment, free from stigma and discrimination and grounded in the recognition that access to healthcare is a human right. Persons without HIV will be educated, empowered, and able to access tools to prevent HIV transmission”.

By 2015, the Fulton County Task Force had mishandled close to 28 million dollars meant for spreading HIV testing and awareness. Failing to deliver on their World AIDS Day statement, the Fulton County Task Force returned almost half of all the money that was intended to be a resource in the fight against HIV/AIDS. There are 2,386 new HIV cases a year in Georgia and 75 percent of that resides in Atlanta. The HIV/AIDS epidemic appears to be yet another result of the lack of care and concern for the life of the Black man, woman and child.


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