March 26, 2023

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22 Year Old Brother Left Paralyzed by Pig After Riding Bike in Traffic Shows Bullet Scars to Jury


A man left paralyzed for life by a Palm Beach police officer showed his bullet wounds to a federal jury on Thursday.

Dontrell Stephens, 22, was shot by Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Deputy Adams Lin in September of 2013.

Stephens showed the jury the bullet wounds that left him paralyzed after being stopped by Lin for riding his bicycle in traffic.

Stephens told the federal jury that he was unarmed and had his hands up when Lin opened fire. He then pointed to the bullet wounds near his elbow and bicep to prove that his arms were in the air when the officer fired the shots that left him paralyzed for the rest of his life.

“How does a bullet get in here if your arms are down?” asked Jack Scarola, an attorney representing Stephens.  “It can’t happen.”

Stephens is seeking $5 million dollars to cover his past and future medical care.

Lin insisted during a videotaped deposition that he fired his weapon only after Stephens reached into his pocket and pulled out a “dark object.”

“I was in fear for my life”, Lin, who is still a police officer, said.

Stephens offered a different account, however, insisting that Lin already had his gun drawn when he hopped off his bicycle.

“I asked the officer what I was being stopped for,” Stephens said.

“He told me to put my hands up. As soon as I put my hands up, he started shooting,” Stephens said.

“I was terrified,” Stephens said. “I was scared for my life.”

“I ran”, he said.

Stephens says his last memory from that day is of being in the back of an ambulance.

Source: Man Left Paralyzed by Pig After Riding Bike in Traffic Shows Bullet Scars to Jury

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