March 30, 2023

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 Black Students Now Demanding Segregation from Their White Peers


This may come as a shocker for many to learn but during Michelle Obama’s college years, segregation was exactly what her radical campus group was fighting to enforce. Fast forward 35 years and we see this same racist rhetoric being spewed once more, and I can not help but wonder…why, this has come to pass during Obama’s presidency.

When our First Lady attended Princeton, she was part of a racist group called the “Third World Center”, or TWC for short. The campus group whose board membership is exclusively reserved for minorities, often protested to promote

“Black Solidarity”. The group concluded that every white person on campus was a racist, even if they didn’t know it yet.

Princeton bowed down to Michelle’s ridiculous claims, and decided to make it mandatory for students to dorm with a person of a different race. They believed it would be a positive idea to ensure the integration of different races.

The TWC was LIVID! They demanded that black students should ONLY room with other black students, arguing that integration of nonwhite students would harm the “support system” available to blacks.

“Black college students across the country have demanded that they be segregated from white peers, calling for “safe spaces” on campuses meant only for so-called students of color.

The requests for segregated spaces are found among some of the demand lists put forth by students who took part in protests this fall alleging their campuses are oppressive, discriminatory, and represent institutionalized racism.”

NYU, UC Berkeley, Oberlin University, Claremont McKenna College and several other colleges are calling for some level of segregation of black students. Students are even demanding entire floors be dedicated only to students of color!

So why is this being tolerated? In Brown v. Board of Education (1954), the Supreme Court outlawed segregated public education facilities for blacks and whites at the state level. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 ended all state and local laws requiring segregation.

Could you imagine if white students demanded segregation from black students? It would be all over the news and those students would be compared to KKK members! I’m tired of racism like this going unpunished. We need to demand that these black student activists be expelled just like the white students who faced expulsion for their racism.

It’s time to start fighting for REAL equality.

This is madness…we are no longer moving forward but taking leaps back as a country. This is the change Obama was talking about?


Source: Black Students Now Demanding Segregation from Their White Peers

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