March 23, 2023

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White Oklahoma Man Shoots Black Police Chief 4 Times, Walks Free

Dallas Horton, a 29-year-old white Sentinel, Oklahoma man, shot black Police Chief Louis Ross four times on Thursday (Jan. 15), and escaped any charges. During a raid of his home, Horton, who is described by Mayor Sam Dlugonski as a “gun enthusiast” and “survivalist,” hit Ross three times in the chest and once in the arm. The police chief survived the shots due to his bulletproof vest, according to The Oklahoman.

Ross and other officers were responding to a call received about a bomb threat at the Sentinel Community Action Center. The call was traced back to Horton, and authorities pursued him at his home. After breaking in the front door and clearing one bedroom, Ross was shot upon entering a second room. No explosives were found at either location. Horton was released after hours of questioning.

“The man who shot and wounded the Sentinel police chief will not be arrested at this time,” the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation said in a statement. “OSBI investigators have extensively interviewed the man. Facts surrounding the case lead agents to believe the man was unaware it was officers who made entry.”

While authorities concluded that Horton was unaware that the entry was by police, Chief Ross spoke on the incident, stating that he and four other officers announced their presence.

“Don’t know what he heard or didn’t hear screaming from five officers of the law announcing our presence, requesting to see hands,” said Chief Ross.

OSBI officials later stated that the bomb threat did not originate from Horton, and that the caller used his name.



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