March 26, 2023

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Case Dismissed Against Alabama Cop Who Paralyzed Innocent Grandfather


A federal judge tossed the civil rights lawsuit brought against an Alabama cop caught on video paralyzing an innocent Indian man.

U.S. District Judge Madeline Haikala granted a motion to acquit Officer Eric Parker after his two previous trials ended in hung juries, theAssociated Press reports.

“The Court has no reason to expect a different result in a subsequent trial given the totality of the evidence that the parties have provided,” Haikala wrote.

Sureshbhai Patel, 58, was visiting his son’s family in Madison, Alabama on Feb. 6, 2015 when he decided to take a walk around the neighborhood. During Patel’s walk, he was aggressively confronted by Madison Police Officer Eric Parker and his partner.

The officers were questioning Patel, who was unable to communicate because he didn’t speak fluent English.  “No English, No English” said Patel.

Patel had not broken the law, but Parker testified that Patel’s actions were “in sequence” with those of a burglar because at one point Patel began to walk away from the officer.

Dash cam video shows Parker placing Patel’s hands behind his back before slamming the man to the ground so hard that he was partially paralyzed. Patel says after hitting the ground he was unable to feel his hands and legs. Another officer who arrived on the scene acknowledged what should’ve been obvious to Parker, saying of Patel, “He don’t speak a lick of English.”

Patel, who does not have health care, required a spinal fusion to help repair the damage done to his back.

Parker was charged with third degree assault and fired from the department. Even though dash cam video clearly shows Parker’s use of force against a 58 year old innocent man, the judge decided that there was not enough evidence to expect a unanimous verdict from the jury.

“When critical gaps appear in the Government’s case, the Court is not required to turn a blind eye to them,” she wrote. “On the contrary, the law requires the Court to consider the objective reasonableness of Officer Parker’s use of force within the totality of the circumstances.”

Watch the incident below:

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