March 26, 2023

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White Pig Mistakes Black NYPD Officer For Criminal And Shoots Him Dead (VIDEO)

“This is always a black cop’s fear, that he’d be mistaken for a suspect,” an unnamed source told The Daily News five years ago when NYPD Officer Omar Edwards got shot dead by a white cop from a different unit, who mistook him for a suspect.

That’s right. Apparently, even being a police officer isn’t enough to keep a young black man from getting killed by a white cop. Edwards was out of uniform on a plainclothes detail — an earlier Daily News report said he was “off-duty” — and chasing down an actual crime suspect whom he’d caught breaking into a car.

Officer Andrew Dunton saw the chase, and called out, “Police! Stop! Drop it!” When Edwards started to turn around but failed to drop his gun quickly enough, Dunton shot him three times.  It happened on Good Friday, May 9th, 2009, and more recent incidents of excessive lethal force by police against black men proves we’ve learned little or nothing since then. Edwards was only 27 years old, and left behind his wife Danielle and their two young sons.

Here’s the news report on Dunton shooting Edwards from Fox News— which of course refers to the incident as “friendly fire.”

Young Black men like Edwards are 21 more times likely to get shot by police.

A report from Pro-Publica pored over two years worth of federal data on police shootings and found that black men are 21 times more likely to get shot by police than young white men.  Of course, NYPD claimed Dunton couldn’t have possibly known because Edwards wore nothing that identified him as a cop. But that doesn’t hold water, considering that: (a) They’re the ones who sent Edwards out there with nothing to identify him as a police officer; and (b) We never seem to hear stories about white cops accidentally getting shot by their fellow police officers.

As with Darren Wilson and Michael Brown, the white officer who did the shooting gets to “go on with his life,” but the young black man who got shot and his family don’t have that option. In 2012, NYPD even promoted Dunton to Sergeant, much to the disappointment of Edwards’ family.

What does it take for a white person to get shot dead by a cop, anyway? Serial mail-bombing terrorist Ted “Unabomber” Kaczinski is alive and well, albeit behind bars. Pipe-bombing “survivalist” and cop killer Eric Frein may face the death penalty, but only after receiving his constitutionally-guaranteed fair trial. Law enforcement managed to apprehend Oklahoma City bombing terrorist Timothy McVeigh without resorting to lethal force, though he was executed in 2001. And last spring, Cliven Bundy launched an armed uprising, from which he emerged free and unharmed after the Feds backed away instead of blasting him into Kingdom Come.

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