January 29, 2023

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4 Black Owned Shoe Brands That Every Black Person Should Buy From

I bet you didn’t know that black men and women are behind some of the most crafty and stylish shoe designs on the market today. A few have always known that they were put on this earth to simply design shoes and express their creativity through footwear, while others stumbled upon the industry when tending to other business.

Whatever may have brought them to this corner of the fashion world, they seemed to take it on so gracefully with just one sole at a time.

A dollar circulates for only six hours in the black community and we are the top spenders of this country, topping everyone else by $1 trillion in total, according to bbnomics.com, it is ironic that only two cents of every dollar is given to black owned businesses. It doesn’t make much sense considering that African Americans spend about $29.3 billion on apparel products and services.

You love shoes? Then why not buy black? Here are some shoe gurus who have taken their businesses to the top by simply pushing to be the best at their craft:

Sandra Palmer: Artyce Design

The vision for this company officially came to light in 2004. Sandra Palmer made her dreams a reality when she created a comfy footwear line that catered to brides and those who attend special events.

Samantha Joseph: Samantha Shoes

This line was created with every big foot woman in mind. Tired of not being able to find shoes in your size? This would be the perfect line for you ladies who have larger feet but still want to look just as fabulous and fashionably trendy as everyone else. Samantha has dedicated her business to giving every woman the equal opportunity to wear sassy shoes.

Kris Wright: Jhung Yuro

Mr. Wright launched his shoe line in 2005 and recognized a void in the men’s luxury lifestyle footwear market, so he filled it with a brand that offers great detailing, hand craftsmanship and limited availability for its products.

Natischa Havey: Forever Shoes & Swimwear

Ms. Havey worked at Baker’s while attending Clark Atlanta University, once she graduated she knew that she had enough knowledge from the shoe store to turn around and open up her own shoe boutique. That was exactly what she did.

These are just a few of the many black businesses that we can all consider buying from. Empowering our own people, instead of giving our money to businesses that weren’t designed with us in mind.

Source: 4 Black Owned Shoe Brands That Every Black Person Should Buy From

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