February 2, 2023

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Klansmen are putting fliers in black neighborhoods in South Carolina

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The South Carolina Statehouse is bracing for a Ku Klux Klan rally this week. This is primarily in response to the Confederate Flag being taken down from the State Capital. As you may recall, the debate about the Confederate Flag resurfaced after Dylann Roof shot and killed nine African-American churchgoers at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church last month. Draped in the Confederate Flag, the actions of Roof reignited the meaning and history of the Confederate Flag.

Giving in to political pressure, Gov. Nikki Haley and state politicians quickly came together to address  the Confederate Flag and its meaning. Within no time, the Confederate Flag was taken down. However, the KKK rally isn’t being stopped. Now, in addition to the rally, it’s been reported that KKK fliers have shown up in predominantly Black South Carolina neighborhoods.

A story published in the Huffington Post says, “The flier reads, Neighborhood Watch. You can sleep tonight knowing the Klan is awake. It includes a sketch of a hooded Klansman and a finger pointed toward the reader.”

Cherri Delesline, one of the women who found the flier on her windshield told WBTW News 13 that she feels as though she was a target of racial hate. She told the network “They’re targeting us right now. What did we do to them? What did we do to them to make them come around here?”

Delesline went on to say that she and others saw a white pickup truck driving through their neighborhood waving the Confederate Flag. After the white pickup truck, then they would see a blue pickup truck doing the same thing. Fliers would later be seen.

Residents of the neighborhood aren’t intimidated by what has transpired. They plan on sticking together and not allowing fear to dominate them.

Source: Huffington Post and WBTW

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