November 30, 2022

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Pigs at Agawam (MA) Six Flags Brutalize A Brother for Filming Them

Date of Incident: 7-6-2015
Officers Involved: Unidentified Agawam Police and Six Flags Security

Me and my girlfriend were leaving Six Flags -New England- and saw some police and security guards had detained a group of three men. I have no idea what the exact issue was, it appeared that a woman had complained about something and they were investigating. A separate person, who was not not involved, was recording the investigation as it unfolded. When the police were done they let the group of three men go. A cop then went up to this kid in the video and appeared to be asking him for his phone, which he had been using to record the incident. The guy refused and the cop tried to grab it. This is when I started recording, as I could tell this particular cop was acting way out of line. The situation escalates and the cops detain him. There was an ugly struggle but the man appeared to be complying as you will see in the video. There is a small part that is blurry, unfortunately, but out of nowhere the cop really twists his arm after he is walking fine and complying. He does it so hard that the guy gets slammed to the ground. They take him off into some off-limit area and I am not sure what happened after.

Source: Pigs at Agawam (MA) Six Flags Brutalize A Brother for Filming Them

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