March 22, 2023

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Video Emerges of 26 Pigs Beating Unarmed Black Man Who Was Riding His Bike

A video was captured and uploaded to YouTube recently. It shows over two dozen Philadelphia police officers beating an unarmed man who was doing nothing other than riding his bike.The video is entitled “Philadelphia Cops Beat and Tase Black Man While He Screams for His Grandma” on the YouTube channel of Jasmyne Cannick. Right now, that video is going viral on social media.

Jasmyne says that the man in the video – 22-year-old Tyree Carroll – reminds her of another famous victim of police brutality: Rodney King.

“A new video out of Philadelphia shows a young Black man being severely beaten and tased by Philadelphia officers in what can only remind you of Rodney King.”

Raw Story reported that 26 cops in total descended upon Carroll when he was stopped for riding his bike.

Police can be seen kicking the man who was on the ground and not resisting. Another cop shouts that they should taser him:

“I have a f****** Taser, here I come! You’re getting the f****** Taser!”

“Tase that m***********.”

Cannick explains “four cops had him, he wasn’t going no where. Thank God he lived — right now.”

Cannick’s website says that the video was just now made available, even while the arrest happened back on April 3rd.

The YouTube video shows the intense cruelty of the Philadelphia Police Department. Watch it below and help us SPREAD THE WORD!

(Article by Reagan Ali)

Source: Video Emerges of 26 Pigs Beating Unarmed Black Man Who Was Riding His Bike

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