December 10, 2022

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Latino Gangs Launch Attacks on Black Families in Compton to Drive Them Out of the City

Compton was once a mostly black area in California, but now there are violent Latino gangs there who have declared certain areas off limits lation gangsto blacks. If black families move into what the Latino gangs declare to be their city, then the blacks are driven out by being intimidated or beaten.

The Los Angeles police department says there have been attacks on several black families over the last decade, most of them by Latino gangs. The Los Angeles Times details one such attack:

The black family—a mother, three teenage children and a 10-year-old boy—moved into a little yellow home in Compton over Christmas vacation.

When a friend came to visit, four men in a black SUV pulled up and called him a “nigger,” saying black people were barred from the neighborhood, according to Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies. They jumped out, drew a gun on him and beat him with metal pipes.

Compton has population of about 97,000, and was predominantly black for many years. It is now 65% Latino and 33% black, according to the 2010 U.S. census, and the Latino gangs intend to keep the city mostly Latino.

Law enforcement officials say the attacks on black families are being ordered by the Mexican Mafia prison gang:

Leaders of the Azusa 13 gang were sentenced to lengthy prison terms earlier this month for leading a policy of attacking African American residents and expelling them from the town.

Similar attacks have taken place in Harbor Gateway, Highland Park, Pacoima, San Bernardino, Canoga Park and Wilmington, among other places.

Many African-Americans are leaving the city because they don’t want to be targeted by the gangs.
Source: Latino Gangs Launch Attacks on Black Families in Compton to Drive Them Out of the City

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