February 5, 2023

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Mike Brown’s Church Burned In Ferguson, KKK Suspected


The church formerly attended by Michael Brown, the 18-year-old unarmed African American who was shot and killed by Officer Darren Wilson was recently burned in Ferguson, Missouri. Reverend Carlton Lee of the Flood Christian Church says that he suspects a KKK link to the arson.

Rev. Lee says that the targeting may be due to the fact that he has been an open proponent for Michael Brown and his family.

Rev. Lee is also a regional representative for Al Sharpton’s National Action Network. He has openly called for the arrest and prosecution of Darren Wilson for murder. So his claim that the KKK targeted him is not just speculation: he’s received threats to this effect from them in the past.

“Seventy-one death threats. But I’ll never forget what one man said to me: ‘I’m going to come pick you up with all you other hateful n—– preachers and put you all in your church and burn you straight to hell’,” he said.

The Reverend had warned the Ferguson Police Department and told them the church needed protection, but apparently the police were too busy spraying tear gas on protesters to protect the church.

They were, however, the first to let the Reverend know that the church had been burned…

“The police called me and told me the church was on fire,” Rev. Lee continued “I was in complete disbelief. I didn’t think anyone would set a church on fire. I feel like one of my children has died. I put my blood, my sweat, my tears into this church, getting this church built from the ground up. To see that it was taken down in a few minutes is really heartbreaking. Sunday, we do the baptism, Monday, the church is one fire.”

The church has been totally destroyed. A GoFundMe fundraiser has been set up with a goal of $500,000 to help them rebuild..

(Article by Gideon Talut)

Source: Mike Brown’s Church Burned In Ferguson, KKK Suspected

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