March 26, 2023

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Watch As A Brother Sitting on Sidewalk Is Viciously Kicked, Shocked and Tasered by Orlando Pigs

Watch as Black Man Sitting on Sidewalk Is Viciously Kicked, Shocked and Tasered by Orlando Cops

Video recorded by an onlooker shows a black man sitting on a sidewalk being repeatedly kicked, shocked, and beaten with a baton by Orlando cops.

Noel Carter, 30, filed an affidavit asking the state attorney to bring battery charges against the officer who kicked him at least a dozen times.

Carter, a local banker, told reporters during a Wednesday press conference that he was approached by police during an argument with his girlfriend. Carter insists that he was not intoxicated when police approached him and the disagreement did not require police intervention.

Watch Orlando Cops Taser, Kick, and Beat Black Man With Baton as He Sits on Sidewalk

According to Carter, he was sitting with his “hands raised on the curb” when he was attacked by police, CNN reports.

“If it were you or I that kicked someone and used a weapon against them while they were sitting passively, we would be arrested. That doesn’t happen to the police,” attorney Natalie Jackson said. “I don’t have to tell citizens what they see. It’s there. It is the police who are asking us not to believe what we see on the tape.”

She continued: “The police department is not trained to beat, punch, kick, Tase people who are in a submissive position. There’s nowhere in the training matrix that you will ever see that.”

Officers David Cruz and Charles Mays were moonlighting at a club on June 4 when someone told them about an argument down the street.

Cruz claims in his statement that he saw Carter “attempting to grab and hold” a Hispanic woman as she tried to walk away. Cruz also alleges that the woman told him that Carter was intoxicated and they’d just broken up after two years of dating.

Cruz wrote that he interviewed the woman first, then spoke to Carter, who expressed a desire to speak again with the woman. Cruz says when he told Carter that he couldn’t speak with her, Carter replied, “You’re not going to stop me.”

Cruz writes in his report that he then tried to handcuff Carter, but Carter resisted. Cruz claims Carter’s resistance led to him being pepper-sprayed by Officer Mays.

The cops claim that they employed force and shocked Carter with the Taser three times  “but it did not have the desired effect.”

“Carter turned towards me and attempted to grab my Taser,” Cruz said in his statement, adding that Carter was again pepper-sprayed.

At that point, Carter got away from the cops and ran about 100 yards where he sat on the curb.  Cruz claims that he followed Carter and ordered him to put his hands behind his back, a command not followed by Carter, Cruz alleges. Instead, according to Cruz, Carter lunged toward him. Cruz claims he then hit Carter several times with his baton.

Scared that Carter might “regain power and get back up” Cruz “attempted to restrain him using my legs and arms,” the report reads. Cruz claims that when Carter tried to stand up, the officer got a scratch on his arm.

“I decided to deliver foot strikes using the top of my foot, in order to maintain distance and in hopes Carter would comply. I stood up and began delivering several kicks with my right foot to Carter’s right arm in between his elbow and shoulder while telling him, `Stop resisting,’ ” Cruz alleged. Mays then shocks Carter with the Taser again.

“They … literally beat me like a dog in the street,” Carter told CNN’s “New Day” on Thursday.

Orlando Police Chief John Mina has asked the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to conduct an investigation.

Watch video of the incident below:

Source: Watch As A Brother Sitting on Sidewalk Is Viciously Kicked, Shocked and Tasered by Orlando Pigs

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