January 30, 2023

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California Pigs Caught Brutally Beating Handcuffed Brother At Traffic Stop


Video footage has just emerged of police in California beating a man who was clearly restrained. A driver stopped their car and filmed the incident that shows two Stockton, California police officers beating an African American man who seems to be in handcuffs.

“This is what Stockton police department its becoming to fuck that shit,” writes Benjamin Reyes in his Facebook post. “Just seen this in front of my house…”

The incident appears to occur at a traffic stop. At the beginning of Reyes’ clip, one of the officers punches the restrained man in the face.

The other whips out his baton and delivers a devastating blow to the man’s knee — followed by another, and another, and another, and another, and, after taking careful aim for the back of the man’s knee…another.

The woman in the driver’s seat of the car screams, “Stop resisting!” but the man is clearly doing anything but that.

As the man seems to involuntarily convulse from the pain, an officer repeatedly tells him to “stop resisting” before he begins delivering baton blows to what appears to be the man’s head — 1-2-3.

The officers roll the man over and, panicked, the woman in the driver’s seat of the car once again yells for him to “stop resisting.” However, at this point it is obvious that the man is not actively resisting the police.

One of the officers orders the man to put his hands behind his back — but this presents a problem, as the officers seem to have control of both his arms — one of which appears to be in the process of being twisted painfully.

“I can’t put my arms behind my back,” the man pleads. “I can’t! He’s on it!”

The officer, in a sarcastically encouraging voice, tells the man, “You can do it.”

“Help the other officer put your hands behind your back,” one of the Caucasian cops tells him.

“He don’t give a shit,” the man yells. “He’s sitting there beating the shit out of me!”

As the man yelled that he can’t get his arms behind his back, the police officers added a new line to their narrative: escape.

“Quit trying to get away, sir,” says the officer, who clearly still has the unresisting  man pinned to the ground.

“I’m not trying to get away,” the man replied. “I can’t put my arms behind my back.”

Regardless of what reality had to say about the situation, the cop stuck to his story:

“Stop trying to get away. Stop resisting. Sir, stop resisting. Put your arms behind your back.”

Sirens obscure much of the conversation, but witnesses can be heard asking the cops if they are going to “keep holding him like that” or if they plan to arrest him.

After more officers arrive, one of them tells the man, “You’ve got about two f*cking minutes.”

Watch the video that was uploaded to YouTube below…

(Article by S. Wooten; image via #Op309)

Source: California Pigs Caught Brutally Beating Handcuffed Brother At Traffic Stop

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