September 27, 2022

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St. Louis Pigs Just Shot A Brother Who Was Talking About ‘Revolution’


Another African American man has been shot and killed by Missouri police officers even though he was not attacking anyone, and had not firearm of any kind.

This happened in the midst of ongoing protests all over the nation, and especially in Ferguson and St. Louis, regarding police shootings of African American men.

This case has already been justified by the police who said that Thaddeus McCarroll, 23, “had a knife.” But McCarroll was locked in his mother’s house, and he was no threat to officers.

Instead, his mother called the police when she said her son had been “talking about revolution” and locked himself in the house. Instead of showing up and getting him help, officers in the St. Louis suburb shot and killed him.

McCarroll’s mother said she called the police to “help”. She was concerned about her son, but she never thought police would show up and kill him, reports from the scene stated.

She added that she had explained the situation to the officers who arrived, but instead of bringing in specialists who could deal with potential issues that McCarroll might have been facing, within minutes they surrounded the house and escalated things.

When McCarroll emerged from the house, he was seen with a Bible and a knife. Police wasted no time opening fire on him, even though he had not attacked anyone, nor issued any threats. It is quite possible that he was in a state of distress and was suicidal. The fact that he had not threatened anyone would seem to indicate that even further.

The St. Louis County police department says that they have already placed the officers who opened fire on McCarroll on paid administrative leave. They tell us that they are “investigating the incident.”

St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar stated that, “This is another tragic situation where police officers had no other option but to use deadly force against an armed subject.”

Meanwhile, the St. Louis police are leaning heavily on the statement from McCarroll’s mother that he had recently “spoken about revolution.” Can you see where they’re going with this yet?

(Article by Jackson Marciana)

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