December 7, 2021

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Nigerian Woman Shot Dead By White Boyfriend (Photo)


A 24-year-old Nigerian woman, Mariam Folashade Adebayo, has been shot dead by her white boyfriend in Germantown, Maryland, USA, reports Montgomery County Police.

The report has it that Adebayo and her 27-year-old boyfriend, Donald Wayne Bricker, had an argument at the parking lot of a Target retail store and the argument got out hand when Bricker pulled out a gun and shot at her before fleeing in a white pick-up truck.

Police received multiple 911 calls about the shooting and when officers arrived the scene, they found Adebayo unconscious and rushed her to a hospital where she battled to stay alive for a few hours before giving up the ghost.

The police officers were given a description of the car Bricker fled in and it was broadcast on the radio for all officers to be on the alert.

The truck was later located and given chase when Bricker refused to stop for officers. He later had a crash and was arrested.

It was gathered from family members that Adebayo and Bricker had dated for only six months and she had to call off the affair when he would not stop beating her.

Police say the estranged lovers had planned to meet at the shopping center to talk when tempers flared leading to her murder. She was University of Maryland graduate of Public Health.

Source: So Sad!! Nigerian Woman Shot Dead By White Boyfriend (Photo)

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