January 30, 2023

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Man Sentenced to 27 Years For Killing Malcolm X’s Grandson

Malcolm X’s grandson dies in Mexico City, murder probe opened.

Almost two years after the fatal beating of Malcolm Latif Shabazz, grandson of respected Black Nationalist Malcolm X, a suspect in the murder case has been sentenced to a prison term of 27 years and six months, according to reports.

The Final Call reports that the sentencing of one of Shabazz’s suspected murderers, Manuel Alejandro Perez de Jesus, was confirmed in a Facebook post made on Feb. 12 by Dr. Wilner Metelus, president of the Committee on Citizens of the Defense of the Naturalized and AfroMexicans (CCDNAM).

Cynthia McKinney, a political activist and former U.S. representative, also confirmed the news of the suspect’s sentencing on her page on Feb. 13, according to NewsOne.

Shabazz was said to have died as a result of serious injuries sustained in a brawl at a bar in Mexico City on May 9, 2013.

Shabazz had traveled to Mexico to honor a request by Miguel Suarez, a labor activist with Revolutionary United Mexicans in Combat (RUMEC), to help talk to and organize African Mexicans being discriminated against in the country. Amsterdam News reported that the two got to know each other in the United States before Suarez was deported.

Prosecutors said the younger Shabazz had too many drinks on the night of his death — his blood alcohol level was more than three times the limit legally permitted for U.S. drivers. He and Suarez allegedly had as much as $1,200 on their bar tab at Palace Club, located close to Plaza Garibaldi, an area where local hustlers frequently take advantage of tourists.

Shabazz and Suarez reportedly had a confrontation over a bill with two waiters — 26-year-olds Perez de Jesus and David Hernandez Cruz  — as they were getting ready to leave at around 3 a.m. The pair was allegedly separated at gunpoint and Suarez managed to escape, supposedly to get help, while his partner was handed a serious beating.

A battered Shabazz was later found outside the bar by Suarez, who carried him to a local hospital where he died. Autopsy report showed the death of the 28-year-old was as a result of blows to his head, face and torso.

NewsOne reports that it is not yet clear whether the second suspect, Cruz, has gone to trial or received a sentence.

Shabazz’s family suspects foul play in the death of the young activist. It is seemingly believed that Suarez had tricked him into coming to Mexico to be killed.

Curiously, Shabazz had released a statement on how government agencies, such as the C.I.A, discreetly carry out public assassinations. The statement came after he was arrested by the FBI while on his way to attend a conference in Iran.

Source: Man Sentenced to 27 Years For Killing Malcolm X’s Grandson

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