January 29, 2023

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Pigs Pulls Gun & Attacks Innocent Black Teens At Pool Party In Texas

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A white race soldier posing under the guise of a police officer in the Dallas-Fort Worth area was suspended after a video surfaced that shows him cursing at and assaulting Melanoid teenagers at a pool party Friday. McKinney (Texas) Police Department officers reportedly broke up the party that evening, following a a suspected white supremacist neighbor who allegedly called the police because there were a large number of Black teens in the neighborhood according to some reports.

A police official said multiple people in the vicinity of the pool did not have permission to be there and refused to leave or obey police commands. The video shows one particular officer (who is unnamed by  police officials in an effort to protect his identity ) engaging in Nazi/Jim Crow styled racial attacks on the Black teens, while white teens who could also be seen in parts of the video,were ignored and untouched.

The same race soldier was also seen on video roughing up Black female teenagers and throwing one of them to the ground and sitting on her back.

This video is further proof that Melanoid citizens are in a system of white supremacy/domination and Melanoid children are not safe from the tyranny of white supremacist race soldiers. The national Melanoid dialogue should be what are we going to do about this.

Source: Pigs Attack Innocent Teens At Pool Party In Texas

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