May 25, 2022

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Meet The 12yr-old College Student Who got 1770 on SATs and Speaks Mandarin Chinese


Imagine taking a college course as an adult and attending the class with you is your 11 year old son. That was Claretta Huey-You was doing last year with her son Carson. At just 11 years old he was the youngest person to be admitted to Texas Christian University. He loved things that kids his age do such as video games but he also loved learning. The child prodigy excelled at whatever was put in front of him.

At 2 years old Carson was reading chapter books. Normally this is not something that a child does until they are at least in kindergarten. Carson entered high school when he was just five years old. He was playing piano pieces written by Mozart and Beethoven by the age of 10. His feet barely reached the piano pedals. This exceptional young man was doing things that no one expected. When he was 11 years old he scored a 1770 on his SATs. His mother knew that she had a very bright young man on her hands and that he was going to go far in life.

The Dean of Admissions at Texas Christian University, Ray Brown, stated that all of Carson’s applications for financial aid and college had initially been turned down in the automated systems because of his age. He was brought in to the university after they manually handled the applications and is now taking a full load of classes that include calculus, religion, physics, and history. He also speaks Mandarin Chinese fluently. Now at 12 years old he is entering his sophomore year of college when most aren’t even in high school yet.

Carson stated that college was a lot of fun and that it was like going through high school again only on a much bigger campus. His father wasn’t pushing him to rush into going to college so soon but Carson was ready for it. His parents did everything that they could to find the right school for him once he insisted that college was where he wanted to be. He is hoping that he will have his Ph.D. before he is 20 years old.

Source: Meet The 12yr-old College Student Who got 1770 on SATs and Speaks Mandarin Chinese

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