December 6, 2022

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Man Who Filmed Freddie Gray Arrest Charged With ‘Inciting a Riot’


Charged with “terrorism” and “inciting a riot” as backlash for filming the police?

That certainly seems to be the case.

Back in April, Counter Current News broke the story on Kevin Moore’s arrest before he had been processed. Working closely with activists on the ground in Baltimore, we were informed of the arrest on trumped up charges right as it happened. We have been following the story since then, and some of the latest developments continue to disturb and concern us, and they should concern you too.

Why should you be concerned? Kevin Moore, the man who filmed the now infamous Freddie Gray arrest, just before police apparently killed the Baltimore resident in the back of a police van, was harassed continuously after he filmed the police. Following that harassment, he was arrested and charged with such outlandish crimes as “terrorism” and “inciting a riot” as well as “evading police,” “driving with no license,” and an open container charge.

Baltimore prosecutors dropped the terrorism charge just yesterday as Moore appeared in court. But the other charges still stand. Now, Kevin is facing mounting legal fees and another day in court.

Moore filed a continuance for July. In the meantime he is hoping to get an attorney, but he needs all of our help!

Kevin has had to cover the cost of bail, getting his car out of impound, traveling to Baltimore for court, and if he is to win his case in court, he will need to hire an attorney as well.

Donate what you can. The crowd funding page for Kevin says “We came to Baltimore to support, and we always expect repression.” That repression certainly happened, but now it is time for all of us who believe in standing up against those who killed Freddie Gray to step up for Kevin and help him out.

Donate what you can (anything helps), and help SPREAD THE WORD!

(Article by M. David)

Source: Man Who Filmed Freddie Gray Arrest Charged With ‘Inciting a Riot’

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