January 27, 2023

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Eric Sheppard Support Initiative


We are raising emergency funds in support of young black activist Eric Sheppard.

He is warned that he should not turn himself in, but that does not mean he won’t be caught by the pigs! In case that happens, we want to be ready. We want to set up emergency funding that consists of the following:


$15,000 BAIL: We found that the estimate of Eric’s bail could be set to anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000. We will raise +$5,000 the maximum to ensure he can be bailed out.

$2000 SHELTER: This will go to Eric if he requests to us that he needs shelter, or so that he will be provided shelter when needed.

$1650 TRANSPORTATION: This will go to Eric if he requests to us that he’s in need of transportation so that it can be provided when needed.

$550 FOOD: This will go to Eric if he requests to us that he needs food, or so that he will be provided food when needed.

$800 ACTIVISM (if needed): In case for any reason, he is set without bail or killed, the funds will go towards organizing for Eric. If it is not needed, it will go to bail.

Distribution of Funds

Support us on social media—social media is on of the most effective and important ways to reach people. By supporting us on social media, you expose a greater audience to our effort, and more people will be likely to want to help, share, contribute, or participate!

Trend #NotMyFlag on social media with your stories of support, and experiences with racism—let your voice be heard! Resist assimilation and let the public hear black voices! The American government is anti-black. They’re laws are not for you, and neither is their flag.Write about this—use your blogs, websites, and online journals to spread the word about the black community’s request for freedom from white supremacy.Upload a video online with #NotMyFlag in the title—making a video will help us spread our message! Platforms like vimeo and youtube are very useful for that. However, if you want us to feature our video on our youtube and vimeo channels, you can e-mail you video to: supportericsheppard@riseup.net

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